Visibility Settings

How to control whether elements are visible to users depending on their login state.

Our visibility settings tab makes it easy to control whether a particular element or group of elements should be visible depending on whether or not the user is logged in.

Note: if you want entire pages to only be visible to logged in users, choose 'Yes' on the 'Must be logged in?' dropdown when you add a page.

By default, all elements will be visible to All users. This means that any end-user with access to the page will be able to see the relevant element.

However, you may want to only show an element to Non logged in users e.g. a button saying 'Login' that redirects the user to the login page.

Or you may want to only show an element to Logged in users e.g.a button that allows the user to 'Sign out'.

Although we allow for conditional styling of elements depending on different states, it is not currently possible for the same element to have different actions and text in different states. So in the above example, it would make sense to add two unique elements (e.g. one 'Login' button and one 'Log out' button).